stimmung... (daresbalat) wrote in ladyfest,

Ladyfest Leeds

Ladyfest Leeds (UK) 2007 is going to be a week long extravaganza of arts events taking place in venues across Leeds - all in the name of celebrating creativity, diversity and promoting gender equality. It will take place from TUESDAY 10th TO SUNDAY 15th APRIL 2007. Ladyfest Leeds aims to break down the barriers between the art world and those of us who are creative every day – we want to celebrate the talents of *all* women.

Ladyfest aims to bring together the energy, ideas and experience of individuals, voluntary and community organisations, colleges and universities, and the statutory sector.

In Leeds we are extending the Ladyfest ethos to include people of all genders and sexualities at every level of organising and staging the events. We also intend our planners, performers and artists to represent the diverse population of Leeds in terms of age, ethnicity, ability and social class. We want Ladyfest and its related events and meetings to be an accessible, comfortable space for everyone who wants to contribute.

We are holding a series of benefit events, exhibitions, performances, concerts and workshops in the months leading up to the festival. These events will aim to involve individuals and groups from across Leeds who have not previously worked together. The events will be opportunities to build networks and raise funds to make Ladyfest Leeds bigger and better. our website! our livejournal news feed!

Would be lovely to see some people there?

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